Heal with the speed of light

Induce skin healing in horses. Apply Phovia Fluorescent Light Therapy to most skin lesion as part of your skin/wound healing protocol.

Phovia LED lamp and gel
Phovia being applied to horse wound

Healing with the
Speed of Light

Accelerate natural skin regeneration for most lesions with Phovia, a clinically proven fluorescent light therapy system helping horses recover quickly.

When and where
to apply Phovia

Phovia can be used to heal common equine skin conditions including:
Horse wound after Phovia application

How Phovia is different than laser therapy

The difference is fluorescence. Traditional therapy laser requires very precise positioning to ensure optimal beam delivery intensity and often covers a smaller treatment area.4 In addition, lasers require more frequent and longer treatments, up to 15 minutes each.

While most light therapy systems are limited to a single wavelength, addressing at most one level of the skin, the Phovia chromophores release FLE at multiple wavelengths, giving multiple beneficial cellular responses simultaneously.

Case Study #1

A 5-year-old Quarter Horse stallion with traumatic wound abrasions showed a reduction in inflammation and healing time after a total of 3 Phovia sessions using two 2 minute back-to-back treatments. Prior to first Phovia session, the wound was rinsed with saline and chlorhexidine, plus Derma GeL® was applied daily for the first week.

Case Study #2

After a trailer accident, this 8-year-old horse received NSAIDs and antibiotic ointment. Just 4 days following 2 back-to-back Phovia sessions, the epithelization was “impressive” according to the treating veterinarian.

Case Study #3

An 8-year-old Thoroughbred gelding sustained a traumatic wound from being hit by a car. Treatment consisted of antibiotics, PEMF, daily application of Derma-GeL, and 6 Phovia fluorescent light therapy sessions over 7 weeks starting on Day 10, and resulted in a dramatic recovery.

Vetoquinol Satisfaction Guarantee

Phovia is backed by Vetoquinol’s Satisfaction Guarantee

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