Healing with the speed of light

Accelerate natural skin regeneration on cats and dogs. Apply Phovia Fluorescent Light Therapy to most lesions for deep skin repair that’s up to twice as fast as alternatives.1

Phovia LED lamp and gel

More wavelengths, deeper skin repair.

Applied to skin, fluorescent light energy reaches deeper skin layers to stimulate cell regeneration. One application, multiple layers of the skin simultaneously.

veterinary tech with dog

Better compliance, more success.

Weekly in-clinic applications. For close monitoring of a patient’s progress. For less necessary at-home instruction. For care plan compliance.

doctor holding cat

Promote good antimicrobial stewardship.

Supports skin health and regeneration so you can only prescribe just enough antibiotics.

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Vetoquinol Satisfaction Guarantee

Phovia is backed by Vetoquinol’s Satisfaction Guarantee


  1. Marchegiani, A., et al. (2021). The Effectiveness of Fluorescent Light Energy as Adjunct Therapy in Canine Deep Pyoderma: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Vet Med Int, 6643416.
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